The following is a look at the interaction design behind the My Sky is Falling prototype by Sarah Henry who captured the process and worked on the team. For full details please see the White Paper that Sarah authored in collaboration with the Harmony Institute and Reboot Stories.

This project system map is of an immersive story designed by Reboot Stories in conjunction with a graduate filmmaking course at Columbia University. It illustrates the user flow as audience members move from room to room, engaging with the narrative elements.


This is a full overview of an immersive narrative story design. Each node represents a potential point of engagement data collection about the audience members. Data points can also include things like objects selected or plot decisions.

The aesthetic choices of this chart reflect the steampunk and science fiction elements of the narrative.

map 2

This is a previous iteration.


Sketch of the process


The Waiting Room and Boarding Room


The Guided Room and Unguided Room

The Story Room, including optional Secret Room

SARAH HENRY is a current MFA candidate at SVA, where she studies Interaction Design. She is also a graduate of New York University, where in 2010 she received a bachelor’s degree in an interdisciplinary major of her own design. During this time she explored research in behavioral analytics, including courses in game theory, economics, cognitive psychology, political science, and sociolinguistics.

Since receiving her undergraduate degree, Henry has distinguished herself through positions in the private sector, focusing on technology and media, and understanding online behaviors. Her current research interests include the influence of narrative entertainment, the construction of participatory storytelling platforms, and the ways in which the physical arrangement of cities affect individual and collective behavior.