Reboot Stories and the Harmony Institute present a case study / whitepaper on MSiF.

You must make a difficult choice, right now. Give up your name, identity, and sense of self to be housed, fed, and clothed. Or wander aimlessly through life, hungry, in constant fear of the unknown, and alone—but in control of who you are.

Stop reading and make that decision. Or someone will make it for you.

This is the choice many children face when entering the large, and often chaotic US foster care system. It is also the foundation for My Sky Is Falling, a new kind of participatory, purposeful story.

The following case study documents the development of a toolkit for creating and evaluating immersive, narrative experiences. Throughout this paper we explore the ways in which integrating data collection and evaluation into the development of immersive platforms can benefit purposeful, participatory storytelling practices.

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